Planned Parenthood Southeast et al. v. Becerra et al.

Docket No.
District Court
District of Columbia


  • Invalidate all or part of a federal regulation; Other: stop the government from approving Georgia's waiver under Section 1332

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Why this Matters:

The plaintiffs allege that a Trump administration waiver under the Affordable Care Act granted to the state of Georgia violates the Administrative Procedure Act. While the Affordable Care Act allows federal agencies to waive certain statutory provisions to promote state innovation, such waivers must cover as many people, with coverage as affordable and comprehensive — as would be covered absent the waiver, without increasing the federal deficit. Experts project this waiver would sharply reduce the number of Georgians with comprehensive coverage, raise premiums, and harm consumers.

Potential Impact:

Allowing the federal government to approve waivers under the Affordable Care Act that do not meet the relevant statutory guardrails could result in consumers losing comprehensive health coverage and facing higher premiums.