Litigation is a powerful tool in health policy.

What We Do

Those who care about health care have long focused on getting Congress to enact strong laws that are then implemented by federal agencies. But that is no longer the full story when it comes to health policy.

“In today’s reality the federal courts often have the final word on major health care policies.”

Andrew Twinamatsiko, J.D.

Yet, it can be difficult to find and follow lawsuits on health policy issues that are pending before the nation’s 94 federal judicial districts, 13 appellate courts, and the Supreme Court.

We set out to make the process of navigating and understanding health care litigation easy.

Our Goals

  1. Help non-lawyers find and follow new lawsuits

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  2. Stay up-to-date on all the latest twists and turns in litigation.

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What We Cover

We track and analyze a wide range of health policy litigation, with an emphasis on access to coverage, affordability, transparency, and equity.

Our tracker focuses on:

Litigation over recent federal health care laws, like the Affordable Care Act, the Inflation Reduction Act, and the No Surprises Act

Lawsuits over policies that could help reduce health care costs, like health care price transparency and anticompetitive practices.

Trends that are impossible to understand without some guidance, like litigation over the 340B program and site-neutral payments.

No one resource can cover everything. For now, we leave most litigation on hugely important but already well-covered topics like Medicaid, abortion, public health, immigration, and climate change to other experts.

Our Team

Andrew Twinamatsiko, Zach Baron, and Sheela Ranganathan manage, edit, and provide expert analysis for the Litigation Tracker.

Katie Keith, JD, MPH, is on public service leave from the O’Neill Institute.

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Andrew Twinamatsiko, JD, is director of the Health Policy and the Law Initiative at the O’Neill Institute. As a practicing attorney and tobacco expert, he knows the courts inside and out and has a long history of advising policymakers on how to think about and respond to the latest court cases.

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Zach Baron, JD, is director of the Health Policy and the Law Initiative at the O’Neill Institute. He leverages his experience in Congress and the executive branch, coupled with his time in private practice, to identify what matters to policymakers when it comes to understanding all things health policy litigation.

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Sheela Ranganathan, JD, is an Associate with the Health Policy and the Law Initiative at the O’Neill Institute. She utilizes her experience advising a range of health care stakeholders in private practice, with a state health department, and with a civil rights organization to think about how court cases shape and impact the bigger picture.

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